Today I'm Loving:

* My eyebrows. My cute stylist colored and waxed them for free! They're a normal shape and all!
* My Kindle. I always love it, but I'm super fond of it today. Probably because I really needed something new to read, and I had oh, so many books at my disposal.
* This song:

* Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. It is good, clean fun!


A Thought

It really sucks, a lot, when you realize that no matter how old you get, or how confident you try to be, or how emotionally strong you've been feeling, there are still situations -- and people -- who can make you feel pathetic; like the pity friend; like you are still, and will forever be, the delusional, fat, geeky, [insert disparaging adjective here] friend whom they are laughing at behind your back. And perhaps they are. Laughing at me, I mean. I can't care anymore. And while I did spend much of today feeling rather "less than," I'm going to be okay. Because I'm old enough now, and brave enough, to tell them to go to hell, with a sidecar of kiss my ass. 

And I think that's amazing. 

An Original

An old friend made this picture for me in assurance that I didn't utterly offend her when, as I am wont to do, I opened my mouth and shared an opinion. It was a kind and gracious thing to do; I'm grateful. And I love it.

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Thank you, Mary Sunshine