"A Thing of Beauty..."

After a particularly evocative book club last month, I have been thinking a lot about beauty, but not necessarily esthetics. I've been thinking about the things that make a life beautiful, and the choice that we all have everyday to find and focus on beauty around us, rather than getting bogged down in ugliness. There is no doubt that the world can be an ugly, terrifying, wretched place; focusing on that will wither the soul. I'm not advocating that we, as the world's inhabitants, ignore the darkness completely -- that would be naive and dangerous -- but I am saying that we should find the balance. 

I've also been thinking about the things that are beautiful to me. Some things are inherently beautiful -- a perfect orchid blossom, the Queen of the Night Aria, a sunrise -- and there are things that make my life lovely:

the first sip of a cold Diet Coke, the wonder of a full moon, the sight of snow on the mountains, the sound of a jet plane in the quiet of the morning, the whistle of a train in the dark of night, the smile of an infant, the comfort of an embrace, sharing my day over the dinner table, belly laughing, a good hair day, my favorite earrings, a new tube of lipstick, conversations with my sisters, the warm weight of my dog on my lap, starting a new book, finishing an old favorite, hearing my favorite song on the radio, feeling a flash of inspiration, putting pen to paper, a text message from a friend, catching up with old friends, Thai food, the smell of rain on hot pavement, clean laundry, holding hands, perfect Fall days, and days slowing fading into softening dusk...


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today marks the beginning of National Poetry Month, the only thing I love more than National Talk Like a Pirate Day! I love that there is a whole month dedicated to celebrating language and creativity and the joy of words. My favorite way to celebrate is to read a poem a day; now, through the wonder of the internets, I can share them with everyone! I will be posting daily poems on my nerdery blog Psyche's Candle. I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy!