Twilight Madness

And I do mean madness. I get that the Twilight series is popular (I don't understand why, but that is another blog post all together); I get that crafts abound when people love something -- how many kids ran around in Gryffindor scarves, a 'la Harry Potter? What I don't understand is this:

No, that isn't a felt walnut you see there, because it also opens:

That, my friends, is a felt representation of Bella's womb, complete with fetus.

W. T. F.

I have thought about it, and I'm fairly sure this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Seriously. It's fiction, people, and maybe it is time to put the book down, and go outside.

P.S. I found this monstrosity on Craftastrophe


An Open Letter

Dear Corey O'Brien,

We need to talk. Seriously. I have just about gotten to the point that I can tolerate listening to your show on X96, and believe me: it took some doing. I want to make it perfectly clear that it really has nothing to do with you; rather, it stems from my deep-seated love for X96. I have been a fan since the beginning, and some of my earliest music/radio memories revolve around listening to Todd Nuke' Em, and warning my sister not to "cross my line of death". You, on the other hand, I really don't like. I know that's a bit unfair, since I don't know you; nevertheless, I don't. You seem so arrogant, and just...smug. And apparently, you golf. I'm willing to bet that at some point in your life, you have worn a visor upside-down and backwards... You cannot possibly be nearly as cool as you seem to think you are. I should love you: your name could not be more Irish if it was Paddy O'Malley, but the fact remains: you are the embodiment of every guy I have ever loathed (because, really, you seem like such a smug ass). Sorry about that. But, that isn't really what I wanted to talk to you about. No. We need to talk about JT, the traffic girl. Okay, you are bad enough, but having to listen to her flirt so desperately with you -- ON AIR -- is just more than should have to be borne. I cannot express to you how squirmy and uncomfortable your awkward little exchanges make me; I literally squirm in embarrassment on behalf of both of you -- and I don't like you. Either of you. Can you just stop encouraging her? Please? And maybe sit her down, and have a frank discussion with her about how oogy she is? Or better yet, just be rude to her like Kerry Jackson is in the mornings: that shut her down beautifully. Seriously. Please. I don't want to have to kill you, and I desperately love X96; don't make me have to find another radio station. If not for me, do it for the children.

Thank you,


You Gotta Have Friends

This time last week, I was hanging out with (some of) my girlfriends -- we missed you Jessie and Cynde! We had a fantastic time, and I am kicking myself that even with camera phones aplenty, none of us got any pictures! Still... I have known a couple of these ladies my whole life, and the rest for a really long time (what: like 15 years?), and I am grateful for each of them. They are all such special women, and they have taught me so much. I am in awe of the wonderful people they are. I love that we can get together (which we don't do near often enough), and that we can pick up where we left off, and it's just like old times. I love that we can share secrets -- some dirty little, some not dirty and others not so little -- and it's okay. We can laugh together, cry together, commiserate, and just be ourselves. Thank you ladies, for everything, and I love you!


Pin Up of the Week

I know what I said about Valentine's Day, but...


VD Ahoy

I just want to go on record, here: I HATE Valentine's Day. Seriously. I loathe it. And it isn't just because I'm single, and this isn't the bitterness talking (honestly, given my previous forays into romance, I'm just glad to have come out relatively unscathed -- I'm far too grateful to be bitter), and it isn't because it makes me sad, or anything else. I just really, really hate it. I think it's stupid. I also resent the fact that holidays like this make me feel like I need to buy a "little something" for all the people I work with, and I really resent the fact that it costs me like $30 to do it! I think it is sappy and cheesy and phony. If you love someone, are you really saving all your love for ONE DAY A YEAR? If you are, shame on you. I love the idea of love, and being in love, and as previously mentioned, I am a closet romantic; maybe that's why Valentine's Day offends me so much: it just doesn't seem real. There is nothing romantic about pre-packaged love. There. I have said my piece.


Really, Shakespeare?

I was listening to the radio this morning, and an advertisement for a local theatre company came on. They were advertising for a couple different shows, and then I heard this: "And, just in time for Valentine's Day, the most romantic love story ever told: Romeo and Juliet." As I was listening to it, I realized that I don't think Romeo and Juliet is romantic. At all. (And I have a secret romantic streak a mile wide...) When I was in high school, I thought it was terribly romantic, and the tragedy of it just tugged at my heart strings, but these days, not so much. I think Romeo and Juliet were whiny, self-indulgent brats, and the solution they concocted was ridiculous, and clearly, ill-formed. I mean, really: running all over hell and gone, drinking "death" inducing potions -- not to mention the poison, arranging assignations in catacombs of all places, enlisting the dubious help of a dodgy Friar, and finally embracing daggers with all the impatience of youth (if they would've just given it a few minutes, jeez!). I don't know, maybe I'm just being cynical, or I'm getting really old, but meh...