The Things I Know

I turned 31 last week, and although I honestly cannot believe I'm 31 (I still feel about 19), I'm okay with it. Birthdays always make me reflective as well, in a positive way. I take them as an opportunity to make goals, take stock, and just generally review my life and the things I know.

I wrote the first incarnation of this list of my truths several years ago in college. I had just turned 24. I have revised it a few times since then, and discovered new truths. I revised it again for this birthday, and these are the things I know...

On Turning...

1. There is a God.
2. Serotonin is tricky.
3. Hope is good.
4. While risky, real relationships are infinitely more rewarding than the passionate love affair you have created with Mr. Darcy.
5. Hearts break. It hurts. A lot.
6. Heartbreaks heal. Eventually. Give them time.
7. Superheroes don't exist. Heroes do.
8. The warm weight of a dog on your lap is therapeutic.
9. There is nothing wrong with self-esteem.
10. A person's heart is truly what counts; in beauty and otherwise.
11. Solitude is okay. Alone and lonely are not the same things.
12. Friendships are to be highly valued.
13. Kissing is very often seriously undervalued.
14. It's okay to cry.
15. It is not a weakness to ask for help.
16. Being in love kicks ass.
17. Love is not enough. Life is not a Disney fairy-tale.
18. Learning to respectfully disagree is important.
19. The world is big.
20. Lipstick should change with the seasons. Or with you.
21. It is okay to trust people.
22. Hobbies are important.
23. Words are powerful. Metaphors are not to be trifled with.
24. One should never be without music. Hum if you must.
25. Who you are now should place no restrictions on who you could become.
26. A mother's love, real and powerful, is a force. So too, a father's. This is true no matter how different the two may appear.
27. Sisters make the best friends.
28. It's okay to take chances. Sometimes they don't work out. That's okay, too.
29. Everyone should have a signature -- a color, a phrase, an accessory -- just don't overdo it.
30. Everyone is at least a little unique.
31. Life is made up of moments. Some epic, perhaps, but moments just the same. Embrace them. They are yours.


First Day of Autumn

The Autumnal Equinox. That's what my calendar tells me, and the cooler weather today would seem to confirm that. So too, would the splashes of russet and gold I'm starting to see more often. I'm looking forward to more patches of color on the mountains, brisk mornings, and return of wool.

I love autumn. I always feel more comfortable, more myself, in the fall. It's like I settle back into my skin and I can breathe...


Ahoy, Me Hearties!

It's that time of year again! Break out the grog*, and tune the hornpipe! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us! It's tomorrow, September 19th. For more information, or tips on HOW to talk like a pirate, visit the official website here.

*Please enjoy your grog responsibly...


There's No Place Like...

A few days ago, my friend Melissa posted this. It was fortuitous, because right before I read it, I was thinking about writing this post.

You see, I grew up in a small town, much like the one she mentioned, and I spent the majority of last weekend there. I loved growing up in a small town; it shaped me into who I am today.My parents moved away from there a few years ago, and so I'm not there anywhere near as often as I used to be. We went there for Swiss Days, an annual event, and although the town was crowded with tens of thousands of people, I still felt like I had come home.

There is something so comforting about knowing a place so well you can close your eyes and picture anything there: a home, an intersection, a person. It was steadying to see people whom I have known almost my entire life, and talk to someone with such shared history. I loved seeing the familiar scenery, smelling the air and drinking the water. I was happy to be there, and so proud that I grew up there. I've been back since my parents moved, but for some reason, this time really struck a chord with me. I had a powerful sense of belonging somewhere; of having a place in the universe. I felt grounded and content. The beauty of the valley spoke to me, and I was soothed. I was home.