I Spy

I'm a people-watcher from way back. All through college, I worked at a kiosk in the local mall. I'm telling you, mall kiosks offer prime people watching. (Mall benches work equally well, by the way, and you don't have to work retail...) On a side note, I generally look at people's shoes first, one, because I really like shoes, and two, you can tell a lot from a person's shoes. Plus, and I'm just snobbish enough to admit this, I like to see if the shoes match the outfits...

Regardless of the shoes, I like watching people. And my absolute favorite part of people watching is catching a glimpse of someone who feels like a million bucks. You can tell from the set of the shoulders, the tilt of the head, the spring in their step. I'm talking about the people who feel great, feel like they look amazing, and are ready to kick some metaphorical ass. Something about this makes everything all right, for just a moment...

I saw this in a skinny blonde lady earlier tonight, in the parking lot of a strip mall. I smiled; I couldn't help it: I was absolutely thrilled for her.


In Gratitude

Dear Universe,

Thank you for sending that little quail family this morning to brighten my day. I certainly needed the smile...




Time Flies

It is August, and I realized that, yet again, I have managed to post absolutely NOTHING to my blog for a more than a month. And yes: Time Flies, and whatnot, but I should be having WAY more fun than I'm having considering how fast July flew by...