I have a Confession...

I'm not sure at what point a song becomes an addiction, but I may have one. An addiction, I mean. To "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa....

I know!

She scares me a little, and the video for "Bad Romance" scares me a lot, and the song is actually not uplifting in any way, and I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT!

(Also, the song "The Word of Your Body" from Spring Awakening. It isn't quite an addiction yet, but it is a strong predilection.)

I'm a big enough person to admit that I may need an intervention.

Don't judge me.


A PSA, Because the More You Know...

Skinny jeans are an abomination. They don't look good on ANYONE.

I saw a girl walking down the street last night, wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and while she was slim, two words: saddle bags. She kept tugging her tiny shirt down, trying to hide her midriff, and I just wanted to roll my window down and yell, "Sweetie! The shirt is the LEAST of your problems right now!"


Texts I Would Have Sent Last Night

Had I been able to find my phone last night, I would have sent the following text messages:

Dear Jeremiah,

I take back nearly everything I ever said about Pink. I heard "Glitter in the Air" in its entirety on the way home, and it was simply lovely. I'm (mostly) very sorry.



And then, later (also to Jeremiah):

OMGaGa! She is coming in March! Tix on sale Saturday, we get paid Friday: Thank you Universe!

He reads my blog, so he'll get them...


Random Mumblings

I can't decide if there is too much going on in my head, or nothing at all. Maybe it's the insomnia... Whatever it is, I'm suffering from blog-block. Seriously: I got nothin'.

I suppose I could mention that some things have worked out, and the little black rain cloud that has been dogging my steps for far too long has dissipated. I feel like the old me, and it's nice to be her again.

I should say that I adore my family and I'm grateful for my friends. Also, that I am grateful for my family and adore my friends. They make me a better girl.

I'm currently a little peeved at the rain. I don't mind the rain itself, but I DO mind that it ruined my hair. I am not generally fussed about my hair, but right now I have a really big, really awkward lump on the right side where it got very wet, and consequently, very poofy.

I'm allergic to my dog, which is sort of inconvenient. I'm going to the doctor on Thursday, and am planning to tell him that if his solution is to get rid of her, he can stuff it.

It was really hard for me just now to spell "inconvenient."

On tap for tonight: Thai food and Glee. In that order. I can't decide which I am more excited about. I also don't care if you are judging me for being excited about either of them.

I really, REALLY need to get more sleep...